Meet Maranda

Your photographer & new hype woman!

My name is Maranda. I’m 30 years old and I’m from a small town in North Carolina. I now live in the southern part of Virginia with my fiance and our two children. We are planning our wedding for the fall of 2024 ourselves!

What started out as a hobby doing photography has now turned into a profitable business, which is the craziest thing to think about. I never thought 10 years ago when I was taking photos of blades of grass that people would be paying me to capture some of their most important days. How lucky am I! I have now photographed over 50 families and couples and my experience is more vast than ever before. 

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When I'm not photographing, I also work part time as a dental hygienist. If i’m not going out in public, you can find me dressed like Adam Sandler attempting to mother two crazy kids not looking at all like this photo you see here LOL.

I find enjoyment in a good reality tv drama series and a nice iced coffee from a local coffee shop. I love all things skincare related and I kind of consider myself a foodie because finding good restaurants is a game I love to play. And if you’re asking if I want lunch, my order is an 8 count nugget meal from Chic-fil-A with a sweet tea/lemonade ;)

Working with me

It is my goal to create an environment for you where you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible while we are working together! I give direction when I feel that it’s needed and I let the genuine emotions and personalities shine. Each client and story is different and communication is key! So I pride myself on good communication, having an eye for detail and making you feel like the star you are! When working with me, you will get beautiful images that evoke real emotions AND include timeless editorial moments. 

More to the story

 I struggled, just as anyone with a relationship with their parent would when losing them. But I found myself asking for stories from friends and family of memories with him and looking at any photo I could find of him. Now as I think back on what photographs mean to me, it is so much deeper than it ever was before. Now I view photos as the pieces of life that we get to keep forever. I tell that story to say - all I have now are memories and photos that remind me of those times. So now more than ever, I know how much having those photos and memories mean. And that strengthens my passion to do what I do. I want everyone to have something to look back on and remind them of how sweet those moments were. 

In January 2021, just a couple weeks before my daughters first birthday, my dad passed away very unexpectedly. Talk about a reality check. 

Growing up, my dad always had a camera out. I have watched videos of Christmas mornings and birthday parties countless times. As I got older, he would photograph every softball game, the beach trips, the tournaments, the volleyball games, the proms, all the things. So around 18, I grabbed his camera and went outside and photographed blades of grass or the snow on the tree limbs. This idea of photographing all the little things and an eye for details was instilled in me early on, and I attribute it to my dad for always having that camera out.   

Let’s capture some memories that will last a lifetime!